Flair for innovative design (UK and USA patents)

Analytical strength

In-depth understanding of underlying principles

A winning and communicative style of management

Determination to succeed and meet project time scales

Methodical manner of working


Bob’s Radio Know-how offers project conception and delivery informed over decades of experience inside a Defence trials and development organisation, and at RACAL Communications Systems Ltd.

Pre-contractual studies have been offered to:

 Intelligent Clothing – for a short-range magnetic induction medical telemetry data link;
 Intelligent Clothing – for short-range radio data link in the CEPT Short-Range Device bands;
 Wood and Douglas – for an asset-tracking device inside sealed metal enclosures;
 ESYS – researching market nîches for novel telemedical / telecare MAC protocol;
 Private customer – reverse engineering electronics of a proprietary ultra-sonic cleaning

Under the aegis of Panasonic, I undertook 3G base-station studies for the DTI’s UK#TAG (ERC1).

Defence Industry
I was responsible for the Defence Contractor’s Radio Sub-System Specification during the development phase of the Army’s BOWMAN communications refit. That entailed communication with a wide range of managers, software and hardware engineers, within Racal, other companies, MOD auditors and DERA, Malvern


Government R&D
I have personally managed integration of university and commercial research with in-house development of airborne radio communications concept demonstrator for the RAF.  Specified industry contracts and one university contract for crucial high-tech components of a prototype for advanced anti-jamming radio communications.


I led the engineering team in DERA that developed the UK’s first very fast frequency hopping (ECCM) radio communications demonstrator. I designed the architecture, specified certain advanced modules to be developed in UK industry, and procured university studies leading to firmware deliverables. Self-synchronising, the fully anti-jam data link was tested successfully from a radio station to a BAC-111 hundreds of miles away.

I have been commissioned to do radio-related studies for the Home Office, DTI, RSRE (Malvern), and MOD.

Airborne Radio Trials
I mounted various maritime airborne trials of RAF and Naval communications data links involving fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. All were successful and contributed to the stock of national defence technology.

Standardisation Studies (PLT)